Sliding Puzzles: Daughter in the Box Puzzle

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Several different sized blocks are placed inside a box. There is a special block which must be moved to a certain area designated by the game board. It is allowed to slide blocks horizontally and vertically, but not to pull out them. The goal is to solve the puzzle in a minimum number of moves.

The daughter in the box (Japanese name: hakoiri musume) wood puzzle depicts an "innocent young girl, who knows nothing of the world" trapped in a building. The largest piece is named "daughter", and other blocks are named by other family members (father, mother and so on). Puzzle also known as "Hua Rong Dao", "L'âne rouge", "Khun Chang Khun Phaen" and "Forget-me-not".

Object: Slide the lagrest tile down to the exit hole.
You can move the tiles by clicking them.

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